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Andrea Maria Laroche is an activist, living in Brussels, Belgium. She is engaging in revealing of crimes conducted by the „ELITES“ and their power structures. Especially in the field of child abuse, pedophilia and Satanism she has gathered lots of information and supports the uncovering of crimes and educates people around the world in all matters of abuse by the powers to be.

This certainly is not easy and is demanding a lot of courage and thrive.

Abb.: Wake News

Now, Andrea Maria has been attacked viciously and was forced to get nedical treatment as she has incredible stomach pain.

HELP NEEDED! If you can help Andrea Maria financially and or with medical advise, we are very grateful if you contact her through us: redaktion@wakenews.net

Thus she has asked us to publish this information in an interview. Please, also study the relevant information linked below:

Her work and information she is using, distributing:





KIDNAPPING OF CHILDREN FOR RITUAL CHILD ABUSE , KIDNAPPED TO MAKE WITH DECADENT AND INHUMAN TECHNOLOGIES CHILDREN AS CYBORGS / MIND CHILDREN – MORAVEC / , CHILDREN AS SOLDIERS . KIDNAPPED FOR RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICING , CHILD TRAFFICKING , CHILD SEX SLAVES FOR BLACKMAILING FROM POLITICIANS , CHILDREN TORTURED AND TRAINED TO SPIES AND PSY WARRIORS – AMONG OTHER THINGS , CHILDREN TRAINED FOR PEDOPHILE PARTIES AND FOR CRUEL ORGIES WITH CHILDREN SACRIFICING – TO CAN BLACK MAIL WITH THE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS THE HIGH RANKING PEDOPHILE THEY GOT DRUGGED AND PARTICIPATED BY THE ORGIES LIKE POLITICIANS , JUDGES , ETC. THE EXAMPLE FOR BELGIUM YOU WILL FIND IN DUTROUX FILES , WHERE THE TRANSPARENT COVER UPS OF THE CRIMES AND OF THE HIGH RANKING PEDOPHILE , WITNESSES GOT SILENCED ON DIFFERENT WAYS , THE DEATHS OF ABOUT 27 WITNESSES BEFORE THEY COULD SPEAK OUT IN FRONT OF THE JUSTICE OR MEDIA .. , CAN CONFIRM , WHAT IS WRITTEN IN SEVERAL PUBLICATIONS , THE NATO /CIA BEHIND ARMED SECRET STAY – OPERATION GLADIO IS STILL ACTIVE TILL TO DAY : 1990 , 22.11. the EU Parliament sharply condemned operation Gladio , NATO , USA in a resolution for heaving manipulated EU politicians with stay behind armies . Point E from A – G in the resolution …whereas the organisation operated and CONTINUE to operate completely out side the law since they are not subject to any parliamentary control and frequency those holding the highest governments and constitutional posts are kept in the dark as to these matters … The EU parliament requested deeply investigations in all aspects of these clandestine organization / point 1 – 8 / in the resolution . 1991 used to be assassinated in Belgium the deputy minister Andre Cools , it get said – linked to the Dutroux file , involved in the high bribery paid by Italian helicopter maker Augusta to a contract sheply the Belgium military ; through the investigation of the assassination of Andre Cools ended the carriers of several Belgium’s cabinet minister and of the closed friend and college to Andre Cools , of the Belgium’s general secretary of NATO , Willy Clear . The assassination of Gerald Bull , 1990 , engineer for long weaponry …

Notice : The documents and publications they have to do direct and indirect – direct to the theme At last 8 millions children go missing each year , global , are so large , because they are so many former whistle blowers from CIA , NSA , NASA , FBI , governments , etc . they spoken out about the genocide , they are several blue prints , several witnesses and victims that i choose just some of the publications supporting my TV interview in the part about the children ,
– children as the biggest victims of one international political executive criminal organisation response for the genocide against population , where the children are concerned by one special gruel and inhuman program . Because of my physically disability , among other things , chronically injuries and pain in my full body ,
i am limited in motion and writing , es well diagnose conjunctive melanoma , vertigo , etc . i received the heavy physically and health damages through the organized crimes against my person – Human Rights defender i am – organized crimes from attempted murder till to the heavy physically attacks –
i was not able to finish the references to my TV interview . For shore i will finish one day . For more details and informations I would like to invite you in my Face book page STOP SILENCE WAR , Andrea Laroche , you will find several necessary publications .

– CIA organized secret army in Western Europe . 14.11.1990 by Clare Pedrick , Washington Post
‚ Democracy dies in darkness ‚ . CIA backed paramilitary network .

-1960 , 70 , 80 ..US forces used terrorism’s as an instrument to control EU domestic politics .
Paper by Ola Tunander , research Professor , PRIO .

– Operation Gladio: ‚ How we terrorize ourselves ‚ , by Gordon Duff, 14.11.2010 , VT magazine , Veteran today archives.
Discovery of Operation Gladio , 1990.
Contents , among other things :
Giulio Andreotti’s revelations on 24.10.1990 .
General Seravalle’s statement / commanded the Italian Gladio /.
General Malletti’s testimony concerning alleged CIA involvement in operation Gladio .
BELGIAN stay – behind network .

Belgium , after 1967 the SHAPE NATO headquarter ware displaced to BRUSSELS and Mons in BELGIUM .

In 1990 Andreotti publicly said the ‚last‘ ACC / Allied clandestine committee / meeting was present 23 , 24.10. 1990 under the president of BELGIUM’S general Van Calster , director of Belgium’s military secret service SGR .
In November , Guy Coeme , the BELGIANS minister of the Defense , acknowledged the existence of a Belgium’s operation Gladio “ stay behind army “ , concerns about similar implicati in terrorism as in Italy .


European Parliament’s resolution on operation Gladio 1990 , 22.11 .

The BELGIANS parliamentarians discovered that the secret NATO operation Gladio , stay behind army was still active .

That NATO /CIA operation Gladio are still active till today according among other things , to FBI .

– Daniele GANSER , Senior Researcher at the Center for Security Studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich , book : Parallel history project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact –
– http:/www.isn.ethz.ch/php/documents/collection gladio/synopsis.htm

Vincenzo Vinciguerra : “ You had to attack civilians, the people , woman , children , innocent people , far removed from any politiciens game . The reasons was quite simple : To force the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security .“
Chapter two: About how the democracies in Western Europe in 1990 dealt with the discovery of the secret stay – behind armies in their respective countries – operations Gladio from NATO . Only three countries Italy , BELGIUM and Switzerland carried out a parliamentary investigation into their secret armies and presented a public report and details how all other countries dealt with the issue behind closed door. EU PARLIAMENT , 22.11.1990 , Italien MP Falqui „….this Europe will have no future it is not founded on truth , on the full transparency of its institutions in regard to the dark plots against democracy …that is why we want to know what and how many ‚Gladio‘ networks there have been in recent years in the Member States of the European Community …“

Chapter ten : The secret war in BELGIUM . 1990 set up a parliamentary commission to investigate the national secret army and presented a public report on the subject. The Belgian parliamentarians discovered that the secret NATO army was still active.

– AIR Investigation , secret war fare . From operation Gladio to 9 / 11 – interview with Daniele Ganser .

– INFO-WARS, 24.3. 2016 , BRUSSELS ATTACK – operation Gladio event to finalize surveillance state. Bomb attack from 22.3.2016.

– Richard COTTRELL , investigative journalist , former European MP/ politiciens , book : ‚ Gladio : NATO’S dagger at the heart of Europe: The Pentagon – nazi -mafia terror axis ‚ .

– Journalist Allan FRANKOVICH , 1992 – OPERATIONS GLADIO , TV series BBC ’s Timewatch , among other things , about BELGIUM’S senator Roger LALLEMAND , head of the Belgian parliamentary inquiry into Operation Gladio and about gendarme LEKUE Martial .

– The Guardian , 15.5. 12 ‚ If there were global justice NATO would be in the dock ‚.

– ‚ What the UN doesn’t want you know ‚ , 6. 2.12 , Telegraph.co.uk. Kathryn BOLKOVAC as part of UN mission , US form police comisar , UN HR investigator. The whistle blower . She discovered terrible wrongdoing and refused to stay silent about it. 12 – 15 years old girls murdered , some UN members involved in Human trafficking during the Balkan war. Some corrupt members from UN peacekeeper forces and UN , from CIA , from NATO drug and children sex slaves trafficking , etc. had been and are till today involved . Bolkovac ‚ UN tries to cover up peacekeepers sex abuse scandals ‚. DYNCORP , a US military contractor was found to have trafficked children . Bolkovac make claim against DYNCORP and won.

– FOX NEWS WORLD ‚ Independent panel blast UN for inaction and cover up in sex abuse of children ‚ .
– Ex CIA operative Sue ARRIGO , whistle-blower , states , that some corrupt CIA agents and UN members regularly work together in war zones like Bosnia all over the world ‚ to enslave children and not to rescue them ‚.

– New American , 29.4.2015 “ Whistle blower targeted for exposing UN troops raping children .‘

– Wikipedia , Child sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers

– UN whistle blower Anders KOMPASS , UN officer from OHCHR , children abuse from franche UN peacekeepers .
BBC , Guardian publications , etc.

Notice : It can be , according other cases , through blackmailing with videos and photos with sexual abuse of children and sex with children , children sacrificing , videos with pedophile UN peacemakers , the UN members got forced from some corrupt CIA / NATO members to keep silence about the crimes against humanity and genocide , forced for collaboration to continue to destroy through brutal sexual abuse the children‘ s personalities /MPD/ for the robotisation of children , to organized the child trafficking for inhuman mind control experiments , sex and other slavery till to the sacrificing of children.

-international Centre for Missing and Exploited Children , 8 MILLION CHILDREN will disappear and another 2 million will fall victim to sexual exploitation in just this year alone. This crises is large , growing and under appreciated -and the global community s response is not adequate to reverse this horrifying trend. Dr.Franz B. Humer. Chairman of the Board ICMEC .


– THE FINDERS , investigations from FBI , Ted Gunderson. The Finders , organized children kidnapping from groups connected to CIA , among other things , to make children to slaves for the work in secret military underground facilites .
– CIA -DIA Mind control and sex slavery of children by Sue ARRIGO , ex CIA , … about children trafficking and children training for spies by US government / documents and book – the NSA , Citadel of evil from ex NSA psy warriors Steven Smith / . ..As CIA operative Sue Arrigo was dispatched to Yugoslavia before the Balkan war , the Balkan war‘ s Auschwitz for children – tanks for thousands children chipped off around the globe as CIA sex slaves . …Under the fake, pretense of Humanitarian intervention “ , the CIA – MI- NATO led breakup of the Balkan nation bloodily erupted as the Bosnian and Kosovo Wars .. Opium rich Afghanistan … CIA created Islamic jihadists were then teamed up with CIA backed Kosovo Liberation army / KLA to help to move drugs through war from Eastern Europe to Western Europe and into America . / That Balkan war WAS THE DRUG WAR got confirmed in severals publications and investigations and from several whistle blowers and witnesses . CIA is the biggest drug dealer in the world . CIA get support from NATO . From the billions of billions Dollars and Euro won through the drug business , kidnapping and selling children as sex slaves , get financed the behind armies operations , is written in several publications according the whistle blowers . Together with the drug trafficking the fellow criminal enterprises of child – sex trafficking and organ harvested trafficking was soon flourishing throughout Balkan region as coveted money making spoils of war . Coined by key corrupt State department personnel , the some corrupt members UN peacekeeping forces and organized crime , trafficked in young women and as underage girls and boys from Eastern Europe. Arrigo states , that some corrupt CIA agents and UN members regularly work together in war zones like Bosnia all over the world to ‚ enslave the children and not to rescue them ‚.

– CIA IS THE BIGGEST CRIMINAL WORLD ORGANISATION IN CHILDREN KIDNAPPING AND TRAFFICKING – EX CIA AGENT AND WHISTLEBLOWER KIRIAKOU :…in 1990’s SUPPLYING THE ELITE WITH CHILD SEX SLAVES , ex CIA officer , whistle blower John KIRIAKOU disclosed how as CIA agent it was his duty to deliver child sex slaves to pedophile VIPs .

– Robert David STEELE , ex CIA agent , about the political pedophile epidemie and children as slaves .

Whistle blower Steele : The 8 millions disappeared children had been kidnapped as slaves for colony on Mars .

Several testimonies from high ranking other whistle blowers from NASA and military , etc. about MARS defense force and Mars defense corporation .

Corporate on Mars and Nazi infiltration of US secret space program / among other things, in : expotics . org /.
Among other things , Whistle blowers Randy CRAMER and Corey GOOD.

Nazi Werner von BRAUN , in the NASA Mars hall space flight centrum !

www. cnbc . com . , 22.5.18 – How Elon Muske ‚ s rocket company Spaex beat Boeing to become dollars 28 billions .
Space X leading the space race to lunch humans to Mars .., planed for 2019 .
See for more , among other things, please , / when my page get not again abused and the publications delated / in my face book page Stop Silent War .

– Joachim HAGOPIAN , is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer , psycholog .
American empire exposed – US military – CIA – Pedophilia and empire “ , from Joachim Hagopian.

– FBI Whistleblower : Pentagon , CIA , NATO and M16 were masterminds behind 9/11 .. from http://www.washingtonsblog.com – OPERATION GLADIO CONTINUES TO THIS DAY –

Interviews with Kay GRIGGS , whistle blower , former wife of George Griggs – HEAD OF SPECIAL NATOS PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT / ‚ Dirty tricks ‚ / under admiral Kelso .
Kay Griggs : Colonel Griggs was a spy , special military ops assassin and trainer of other military assassins ,
involved in secret leadership , trainings that involved homosexuel rites , drugs for arms running , mind control and the worldwide network of camps where professional assassins are trained , blackmailing in US government .
Kay Griggs was astonished to learn about the sex with children , and homosexuel rape was the norm at the highest levels of the military . Kay Griggs proclaims “ …when my husband does for a living is train mercenaries – young boys from countries like Rumenia , Dominican Republic , Haiti . …They are training them to be murders …they psychologically profile them ..‘ / Notice : The robotized military assassins and psychic warriors get trained in Europe, US , global and they are from EU countries , US , Africa , etc /. ‚ Georg was entirely mind controlled , a robot …‘ , said Kay Griggs . The colonel told his wife , how he and others in the elite military group kill people …about sexually perverted rituals in the woods of Bohemian Growe…about brain wash ..all active sanctioned and participated in group of military and politic elite , government officials.

Sleeping with the enemy “ , 1- 4 video interviews with Kay Griggs , from 1998 , from priest Strawcutter .
TV Interviews with Kay Griggs Rense .com , “ The evil lancing within “ , from Investigative journalist Greg Szymanski / Kay Griggs …
Rence. com , phone interview with Kay Griggs from 2005.

– NATO engineered conflict contributes to slavery and trafficking by Dr Christof Lehmann , NSNBC Int.

– CNN.COM , Stolen kids turned into terrifying killers .

– Medical kidnapping in the US – Kidnapping children for drug trials .

– Richard COTTRELL , Former EU PM /politiciens / , journalist : 2012 , 8.3. African ping pong . US play both sides in Uganda …The colonial rape of Africa is a version of the strategy of Tension devised by western intelligence and NATO back in the 1970 and 80s ..
…The LRAs mass abduction industrial scale rape and pillage, and kidnapping of children who are turned into monster killers , bear every sign of CIA MK Ultra derived programmer to create ROBOTIC no questions asked terrorist. Hundreds if not thousands of these ghastly indoctrinated children trained to kill and maim without pity , have been sent north to stiffen anti government guerilla forces in Sudan and Somalia…The Lord resistance army / LRA / ramping around Uganda is nothing more than US and Mossad backed guerilla force. It task is to destabilize wide areas of Africa rich in minerals like Uganda , ex French and Belgian Congo and Sudan.

-CNN Politics , 16.5.2014 ‚ Pentagon document lays out battle plan against zombies ‚ , CONOP 8888 from U.S. strategic commando ,
– Mail Online ,15.5. 2014 ‚ The Pentagons guide to surviving a Zombie apocalypse U.S. military plans , CONOP 8888 , unclassified document from 30.4.2011 is a detailed synopsis for batting zombies .
… ‚ NASA archived the incredible breakthroughs of military living brain cells with micro chip . When such a chip is injected into a man’s or woman’s brain he or she instantly becomes a living vegetable and subservient slave. And once this device is perfected the biochip implanted easily by convertible the Defense Department into an army of killer zombies ‚ .. ‚ The technologies exists right now to create a New World Order served by the zombies like masses .‘ , from the Zombie book , the encyclopedia of the living dead , from Nick Redfern and Brad Steiger .

From one DOD officer / i have to find again the publication / : Through the micro chips

– NASA FUTURE WARFARE / FUTURE STRATEGIC ISSUES FUTURE WARFARE / CIRCA 2025 / from Dennis Bushnell , chief scientist .
P.9 , MIND CHILDREN / Moravec /. P.4 , Robot -Cyborgs and Humans . P. 93 , Psy war . P. 14 , automatic /robotic , – GENETIC ENGINEERING BEFORE BIRTHS . P. 67 , Robotics in the large.. P. 35 , robots eating humans.. Etc.

who wrote this book 2009 and 2010 , one year after his book was published Steven lost his life. The book is not for undereged readers , especially second part of the documents contains graphic descriptions of violence and torture of CHILDREN , inappropriate for weak constitutions. Steven Smith was ex NSA psychic warrior “ the cruelty that NSA agents use in training young children with psychic abilities , in order to turn them into psychic warriors for the U.S. Intelligence community , a fact which is covered in great detail in the book from Steven Smith who as child was also trained to become a psychic warrior and tortured by the NSA “ PSYCHIC WARFARE PROGRAM “ , with the psychic training and warfare , the preferred NSA management tools include subterfuge , intimidation , bribery , BLACKMAIL , coercion , outright violence. “ This document concerns itself with nothing less than the wholesale MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION , TORTURE , AND OUTRIGHT MURDER OF AMERICAN CHILDREN , some less than six years old .

1. capitol
1.1.3 , The rise of PSYCHOTRONICS , among other things , microwaves radiation

2 .capitol , torture
2.1.3 . …you are only child of four years
2.2.2. torture sessions trauma based torture is the splitting the child in the multiple personalities
chemical / biological torture
electrical torture

3 . capitol , NSA collateral damage by Steven Smith
HVT Technologies
3.2.1b , Sexual slaves
2.2. 1c Human experimentations – witnesses about children in cages for medical experiments and pharmaceutical trials .


Operation PAPERCLIP . Nazi biologists and Nazi doctors / between them several mass murders / , Nazi scientists .. involved in human experimentation , relocated from CIA to America after WW II , were the precursors responsible for this foul excursion into the darkest corners of evil and depravity .

“ ..a psychic assassin will be shown movies involving murder and a psychic who is specializes in inducing their victims to commit acts of PEDOPHILIA , will be shown pornographic movies involving underage children “ .

The videos with the pedophile and with the children – according several witnesses – several children were sacrificed , the videos made well directed with politicians , army members , judges , other VIPs they got drugged and participated by the sacrificing of children got and get use for BLACKMAILING , to can force the politicians to do what the high ranking international criminal executive organisation want s and to force them to keep silence about crimes against humanity and genocide against children , citizens and to support the inhuman crimes .
See , please , for Example , the pedophile affairs FRANKLIN in US and DUTROUX in Belgium / EU and the cover ups .

– US General Michael AQUINO , the biggest prominent SATANIST OF US ARMY , his book THE PRESIDIO SATANIC ABUSE / by Michael A. Aquino / .
Page 197, numbered paragraph 20 – Aquino writes that HIS / AQUINO S / RELIGION SATANISMUS WAS WELL KNOWN TO ALL MILITARY SINCE HIS COMMISSIONING 1968, from cumbey .blog /2O15 / General Vallely says army didn’t know .
General Aquino was member and priest of the Church of satan – the US military was heavily represented at the Temple / among other things , according Alex Constantine black list / , grounder Paul Valley / Susan Atkin employed by Valley – ritual murder on director Polanski’s wife / and Aquino was later the founder of Luciferian cult called the Temple of Set and his name is associated with RITUAL CHILD ABUSE CASES IN THE MILITARY / witnesses in lawsuit CHILDREN SEX SLAVES Cathy O’Brien , Paul Bonacci , Brice Tailor , Noreen Gosch , Alisha Owen , lawsuit Diana Napolis against Aquino , etc./.

Investigative journalist and author , Alex CONSTANTINE , black list – Michael Aquino Revisited .

Aquino worked for CIA as a consultant in psyops .Aquino is connected among other things , to NAZI occultism and Neo Nazis .
Aquino was NATO attache and had ‚ businesses “ with NATO.

Aquino and Franklin affaire , pedophile VIPs , children sacrificing , among other things , victim / wetness BONACCI Paul.

One of NSA grounder general VALLELY wrote with general Aquino, military Intelligence , the paper – From PSYOP TO MINDWAR , from 1980 . The psychology of victoria. The paper was to set forth a doctrine to CONTROL POPULATION. Full text , archive by /s . lieutenant Michael Aquino Psyop to mindwar … , among other things , about psychotronics and electro magnetics weapons…

– Dr Sue ARRIGO , ex CIA , whistle blower , CIA -DIA Mind control and sex slavery of children , she writes : Many of the children like myself who had been trained as child spies by the US government had fathers in the military … The summarized information is revealed congressional probes of CIA in the book from George ANDREWS The CIA Top secret human experimentation and behavior modification , the documents that US used American children as mind controlled spies against their will .

Examples from children kidnapping for CIA/military mind control experiments , for ritual abuse and slavery according large evidences , whistle blowers , victims .. they had been present and they are present till to day , global :
– Mind control and MKULTRA Canada ,
CATHY FOX BLOG ON CHILD ABUSE : Lincoln Park Royal Canadian air force base in Calvary – LINCOLN PARK MASSACRE 17.MAY 1958 , 13 innocent children aged 2 to 10 years were butchered during one hour by one man. A man who was well paid and effectively protected in order that he might perform medical experiments intent on benefiting a secret military agenda. The children could not returned to the outside world without a lot of unpleasant questions being asked , heaving suffering of brutally cruel treatment at the hands of medical experiments .. they were simply slaughtered .
The head programmer was a Nazi German doctor alias Dr Bob Armstrong would ritually torture , rape and murder children in front of the children to create MPD / Multiple personality disorder / condition via several trauma / among other thing , in : NSA , citadel of evil by Steven Smith is about the method also written /.
Interview with David BARCLAY – Lincoln park . Michael Smith writes / p. 8 / that Lincoln Park was not by any stretch the only military base where the atrocities occurred .. their were many of them in Canada , particularly affiliated with NORAD , Norths American Aerospace Defense Command …

Mass graves of children found near Montreal , publication by investigative journalist Greg Szymanski . 13.4.06 – More than 50 000 children said to be illegally experimented … we have documentation proving link among with CIA , the US government and the Canadian government . 2014 I found in Internet the publication , testimonies from two witnesses , they had been as children / 12-14 years/ “ cleaning “ the CIA laboratories in Montreal , bringing the death bodies of children out , some of the age of 2 years , the heads of several of the children had been opened and the brains taken out . The publication i could not find now . CIA MK Ultra program of psycho-surgical and brain implant research / p;5 in Mind control and MK Ultra in Canada / … he further states that Dr Harold Joseph Hoffmann is noted for having 15 741 children under his care between 1964 – 1998 , between 10 – 50 % of children had been exploited for unauthorized surgical researches .

MCGILL UNIVERSITY : 1953 , officially haltered 1973 . CIA mind control ILLEGAL experiments MK ULTRA from psychiatrist Ewen CAMERON in McGill University in Montreal , Allan memorial institute. According several publications some graves of children had been found closed to the Allan Memorial institute : Whereby curtains children were channeled to the “ special program “ among other things , to medical experiments and sexual abuse . Financed from CIA founds and by US and Canadian governments. John GITTINGER , CIA agent and psychologist was Cameron’s project officer .. In experiments experiments in brainwashing, isolating a human being , keeping out of contact , putting out of control , putting under long stress , abuse of drugs : LSD and other chemie .
Gerald BULL at the Space research , was director of McGill University from 1964 – who was engineer in long artillery . Later he opened Space research corporation in help from US and Canadian military and he was conected to CIA . Gerald Bull moved later to Brussels / Belgium , where he got 1990 assassinated ..
infrashun, by M.K. Stalinski , about Gerard Bull assassination 1990 / Andre Cools 1991 …

It was according the evidences , witnesses and victims the CIA and through CIA the military , involved in the cruel crimes against the children and adults .

The cruel experiments with children and adults in Canada , US / Europe and global , some corrupt members of CIA are present global / ,
the scope of MK Ultra was broad / officially / with research at 80 INSTITUTIONS – COLLEGES , UNIVERSITIES, – HOSPITALS – , PRISONS , PHARMA COMPANIES …

10.9.2015 , Montreal Gazette : Students say McGill is withholding information’s on military ties..

The London Times , 2004 , 17.10 . – Brainwash victims win cash claim .. Several victims of mind control experiments in Montreal won lawsuit through the lawyer Stein .


“ You can not hope to understand Belgian politics until you understand blackmail ‚ / Belgian politician /.

1O 951 8 200 REGINA -S- STORY
The testimony of victim of prostitution in Belgium who testified against her powerful abuse .

“ Nobody will even believe you Regina and those who do will be destroyed . I am protected by powerful people “ …

5 Witnesses in the Dutrouix file , made testimonies about child murdering .

The pedophile ring activities in Dutroux file during and especially after the EU parliaments sharp Resolution against NATO illegal operations Gladio …having manipulated EU politicians with stay behind armies … the EU parliament asked for investigations ..
/ The assassinations of Gerald Boll 1990 , engineer for long weaponry. the assassination of politicians Andre Cools , 1991 , closed friend to Willy Clear , Belgium’s secretary NATO .. Both assassinations had to do with weaponry. According Gerald James , whistle blower , who was chairman of Astro Holding PLC , Astro received difficulties through Belgium’s PRE / Boll worked for / – with the assassination from Boll had to do Stephan KOCH , spook , agent M16 ./ 1989 the M16 obtained the evidence about Project Babylon ( – supported from CIA ) and Bolls contracts with Iraq /.

– Franklin cover up – US , testimony from PHOTOGRAPH RUSSEL E. refused 1988 , 100 000 Dollars to film graphic child snuff movie where a young boy would be murdered as a sacrifice.. BONACCI Paul , victim and wetness from and about mind control Franklin affaire , child pedophile network for VIP“s and his testimony about children sacrifice .

Capital 16. , p . 60 , in Regina’s Louf story Children sex and BLACKMAIL . How used to be filmed for BLACKMAILING pedophile VIPs during having sex with children . Several witnesses testimonies in Dutoux file are about child sacrificing in audience / participants / of VIPs , politiciens and others .
In on interview with Regina Louf from Olenka FRENKIEL , BBC investigation in Belgium’s X files Regina Louf speak about , that she can not understand why the politicians and other VIPs they had sex with children during the orgies don‘ t speak out – according the testimonies from more wetness about children sacrificed in audience of some politicians , judges and other VIPs can be the answer – the Blackmailing through the videos made during the child brutal sexual abuse and murder in presence of the VIPs …/ In such case it will be one solution to make for the VIPs amnestie , when they speak out , who pressured them on such way with the videos to keep silence about crimes against humanity , mind control program among other things , – international pedophile networks , operations Gladio , to cover up and to support the inhuman crimes.

Regina Louf , so courageous person wanted to help the children and to clear up the assassinations of the children : BBC INVESTIGATIONS, corespondent Belgium’s X-FILES an Olenka Frenkiel investigation : Police investigated Regina’s Testimonies , verified key elements in her testimonies , found at least murder that she says she witnessed matched an unsolved murder.. But than something changed after Reginas Louf’s name was leaked and one gouvernement TV owned station RTBF began a campagne of cover ups that Dutroux was isolated prevent , there was not network , that Jean Michel NIHOUL was innocent and Regina Louf was “ a liar “ / Regina witnessed high ranking pedophile and the names of them / .. The prosecutor General of Liege Anne THILLY declared Regina “ that she is competently mad “ , the judge have announced she will not be called as a witness in any future trial of Dutroux and her from so big importance testimonies had been declared wordless.. – INTERNAT . HARALD TRIBUNE , 16.7.1999 , – Prossecutor in pedophille case kills him self , ABOUT THE SUSPECT DEATH FROM TOP PROCURATOR MR MASSA , who investigated the two danger cases – the assassination from the politicien COOLS / 1991 / and from DUTROUX files and lost his life . His superior , procurator general Anne Thilly officially described the death from the top procurator Mr Massa as “ suicide “ , where had been positte to the suicide several contras . – THE GUARDIANS , 5.5.2002 , BELGIUM’S SILENT HEART IN DARKNESS ,Dutoux file : …in the assassination of Melisa , in the autopsy no dona DNA proofs , no evidences.. EXAMPLES HAD BEEN TAKEN THE RESULTS NOT THERE..
They had been large hairs found from detectives and given for for the analyse , the DNA proofs had been not dona. The procurator Anne Thilly said “ there was not / pedophille / network so there was not need to make evidences in one ..

The cover ups of the high ranking pedophille and criminals .., primeur the cover ups of one international criminal organisation among other things the organisation of child trafficking and pedophille networks for mind control program .
The cover ups let lost in Dutroux file between 20 – 27 lives of investigators , of important witnesses before they could speak out in front of Justice or media , in some cases it was officiel assassination , in other cases supectfull deaths.. like accident , etc. In the Franklin cover ups in US the same , 15 – 30 suspect bull deaths , assassinations of investigators and witnesses … but they had been some important differences between the two cases , like the victim and wetness mind control and pedophille networks – Paul Bonacci supported from senator DECAMP and authority who investigated together with FBI chief Ted Gunderson / later , according his house doctor he got poisoned / the Franklin affair / DECAMP’S BOOK , FRANKLIN COVER UPS / Bonacci win the lawsuit and receive one million dollars for his damages. In US existed strong contra in Franklin affair – high ranking pedophille and criminals had been involved , in US had politicians , Justice , judges they worked for the true and Paul Bonacci win the lawsuit . But before DeCamp INVESTIGATED THE FRANKLIN AFFAIR Belgium , occupied from different mafias in all institutions , according one politicien , what is the result of the occupation of Belgium from one international criminal organisation , Belgium is very small country .. Regina Louf s name got organized destroyed for her courageous fight for the true to want to help children and victims of the pedophille networks The true about pedophille network in Belgium , the true about pedophille high ranking criminals , the true about DNA and other examples with cover ups destroyed . The blackmailing , occupation , egoismus and corruption was and is till to day the winner in Belgium ..
4.4.2018 , 8 PM , the organized accident against my person after i found afternoon as next in recherches for my work and report about mind control – children are the biggest victims this publication :
Review by Allen Douglas , page 2 , …key features of the Belgian case are present in Franklin , providing strong prima facie evidence that the two are linked .
VICTIM – WETNESS PAUL BONACCI has stated that he was flown to Europe , aboard planers of the STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND BASED IN OMAHA S OFFUT AIR FORCE BASE – THE SAC BASE IS TIGHTLY TIED TO THE NATO HEADQUARTER IN BRUSSELS , BELGIUM’S, NATO PERSONNEL WARE ALMOST CERTAINLY INVOLVED IN THE BELGIEN PEDOPHILLE RING .. Ritualistic satanic activity including human sacrifice was a marker for the Belgien events, just it was for Franklin . The Belgien ring was involved in ILLEGAL ARMS DEALS some of which apparently aided the Contras.

The organized accident , hard fall made me deeper physically disable with danger damages in my low back – next heavy healths damages are in my belly , according my symptoms and some medical proffs pancreas injury – blood in urine , lost of my wight … and after one months ABNORMALITIES WITH GLUCOSE IN MY BLOOD / HIGH SUGAR IN MY BLOOD what is clear evidence about the pancreas injury – I suffer on life danger symptoms – becouse of cover ups of my heavy injuries , to cover up the responsible for the accident … as well to want to destroy my life that i receive more heavy life danger damages … because without any right diagnose and examens I had not received the treatments for 3 months ..

Abb.: https://www.wakenews.tv/watch.php?vid=d5506b1c3

To the same time I received the Interview made by Wake News Basel , in Germany , in Berlin one young man lost his life declared as suicide .. his mother ask for assistance with evidences that it was not suicide . I personally see the one of evidence that it was not suicide in the fact that her son made recherches about pedophille intrenationalle networks , among other things , pizzagate , and it seems he find some important evidence about the crimes against children and he paid for this with his life – next evidence is my case from 4.4.18 , the organized accident against me – I can lose my life without soon assistance from US colleagues and doctors …. after I found the publication about , among other things , NATO in Brussels , Belgium involved in Belgien pedophille ring …

Please, share the information and help Andrea Maria Laroche in her recovery!

Many Thanks

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27 Antworten zu S.O.S. Urgent Help for Children and Andrea Maria Laroche – Wake News Radio/TV

  1. An alle „Gut“menschen und andere Faschistenhelfer schreibt:

    Ihr schadet nicht nur dem deutschen Volk, sondern auch zahlreichen Flüchtlingen, die ihr ja angeblich so beschützen wollt:

    Merkt ihr nicht mal langsam, wie verlogen und heuchlerisch eure ständigen Behauptungen sind, ihr wollt ja nur den Verfolgten helfen?

    Die junge Frau im Video ist in Gefahr, hier in der BRD, weil ihr in eurem verblendeten „Gut“menschen-Wahn nicht mehr erkennt, wer wirklich hilfebedürftig ist und wer nicht!
    Einfach alle reinlassen, ganz gleich, ob darunter auch die widerlichsten Verbrecher sind. Das ist euer Motto und eure Vorgehensweise. Dass ihr so Menschenleben in Gefahr bringt, ist euch offensichtlich egal!
    Und wenn wir diese Verbrecher benennen, dann nehmt ihr sie auch noch in Schutz und nennt uns ausländerfeindlich und rassistisch.

    Die Wahrheit zu sagen ist jedoch weder ausländerfeindlich oder rassistisch, es ist schlicht und einfach eine Tatsachenfeststellung!

    Wenn man jemanden als Kinderschänder bezeichnet, dann ist es keine Beleidigung oder Rufschädigung, wenn dieser tatsächlich ein Kind geschändet hat!
    Niemand darf daran gehindert werden, die Wahrheit zu sagen! Auch nicht in einem Parlament!
    Doch die Altparteien, die solche Parlamente tagtäglich als Instrument missbrauchen, um ihre volksfeindliche Politik durchzusetzen, haben die Frechheit uns vorzuwerfen, wie würden die Parlamente für unsere Zwecke instrumentalisieren. Dabei ist das Gegenteil der Fall!

    Wir haben es nicht nötig, irgendwelche Märchen zu erzählen!
    Die Wahrheit ist schon schlimm genug!

    Leute, hört nicht mehr auf die Lügen der Altparteien und der Medien. Macht euch selber ein Bild von der Wirklichkeit!
    Und wenn ihr diese erkannt habt, dann ist es auch eure Pflicht, danach zu handeln!

  2. Wieder 8 Tote wegen der Politik von Merkel und Co.! schreibt:

    Das kommt einzig und allein daher, dass die EU-Staaten den Afrikanern immer noch die Hoffnung machen, dass sie in der EU aufgenommen werden, wenn sie sich selber in Seenot begeben!

    Wenn die EU in Afrika die Nachricht verbreitet hätte, dass niemand mehr ein Bleiberecht in der EU bekommt, der übers Wasser kommt, dann wären diese Katastrophen schon längst Geschichte!

    Merkel und Co. sind somit schuldig an diesen vermeidbaren Toten!

    PS: Warum nehmen die Afrikaner kein Wasser aber Brandbomben mit in ihr nicht
    hochseetaugliches und viel zu kleines Schlauchboot?
    Als Abwehr von Raubfischen sind Brandbomben unter Wasser extrem ungeeignet!

  3. Kaum nimmt man Muslime auf, geht es los! schreibt:

    Sollen die Spanier jetzt auch gegen Muslime aufgehetzt werden, um gesellschaftliche Unruhen zu provozieren?
    In der BRD ist das Volk wohl zu friedlich und lässt sich nicht verrückt machen!

  4. Merkel bleibt, bis sie von alleine geht! schreibt:

    Ist doch erstaunlich, dass Frau Merkel für ihren massenweise begangenen Volksverrat nicht bestraft wird. Schließlich hat sie unter Eid geschworen, Schaden vom deutschen Volk abzuwenden.
    Dank ihrer katastrophalen Politik der offenen Grenzen, kamen Tausende Deutsche zu Schaden! Angefangen von einfachen Beleidigungen, bis hin zu brutalen Morden!
    Darüber hinaus, kostet uns die Politik von Frau Merkel Billionen, wie Wirtschaftswissenschaftler bereits errechnet haben.

    Kein Politiker in der Nachkriegsgeschichte hat dem deutschen Volk soviel Schaden zugefügt, wie Frau Merkel!

    Sitzt sie dafür im Knast?
    Man wartet offensichtlich ab, bis ihre Amtszeit ganz normal zuende geht. Dann kann sie sich wie Kohl zur Ruhe setzen und ihre üppige Pension genießen!

    Wofür dann diese ganze Show mit dem Amtseid, wenn es doch keine Folgen hat, wenn Politiker dagegen verstoßen?

    Daran erkennt man recht deutlich, dass diese ganze Demokratie der BRD nur reinste Augenwischerei ist, um uns eine Rechtstaatlichkeit vorzugaukeln, die in Wahrheit nicht existiert!

    Frau Merkel bleibt mindestens solange, bis ihre Amtszeit vorbei ist!
    Sämtliche Altparteien haben nicht die Eier in der Hose, etwas anderes wirksam zu fordern!

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