Bilderberg the Steering Committee of the DIMs (Dominant Insane Minority)

European Issues

Already since last year`s Bilderberg conference in St. Moritz it is clear change is in preparation!

Merkel, chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany will have to step down.
Her successors are now being prepared to replace her. Merkel has run down everything as planned, she has prepared the FRG to collapse soon in order to be swallowed easily by the ESM (European Stability Mechanism) group.

The usual ping pong game of offering 2 choices to the public which are no choices but rather options for the public to reject the worse candidat for office.

Therefore the 2011 Bilderberger picked social democrat Peer Steinbrueck who used to be finance minister in the recent government coalition probably is the favourite and Juergen Trittin, a member of the Green Party who used to be an environment minister in recent governments and heading the Green Party for a while will be the choice to catch some of the younger public voters.

In the end there will be a coalition again most probably consisting of the Social Democrats, the Green Party and maybe the Pirates, a new Bankster puppet party catching all the very young and stimulating the fraud of a free democratic election.  One of the CRAPs (Criminals Run All Politicians), Henry Kissinger already met with a high ranking member of the Pirates, Bernd Schloemer…guess what? In the premisses of CFR member Axel Springer Publishing House in Berlin…

As long as the Matrix Media is not reporting on this here in Europe most people will not have a clue what is happening, though we, the New Media, do have a huge increase in listeners, users, viewers.

That is what Bilderbergers Control:

Therefore now it is a race for truth to begin!

Let`s wake them up!

Detlev Wake News Radio

Über mywakenews

For all who want to wake up! Für alle die aufwachen wollen!
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