Avoiding Civil War in Germany

Signs are showing Red Alert!

Informed circles within government, politics and society are in the knowing there might be dangers rising of a civil war in Germany.

Well known German Author Ulf Kotte published his book last year „Vorsicht Bürgerkrieg!“ (Beware of Civil War!) describing scenarios with ultimate threats of violence in the German Bundesrepublik.
Police, Bundeswehr and all other security as well as emergency fire departments forces seem to have had their specific briefings, trainings and preparations ready to go.


The government of the German Bundesrepublik even has ordered brand new specially armoured limousines for their top people and executives, German home secretaries have been trying to legitimize the use of the German military force Bundeswehr against terror and civil unrest within the country since many years which so far has been rejected by the parliament.



What are the fears of the ruling class?

The Answer is:

Civil War in Germany!

Most people can easily figure out what kind of reasons it takes for humans to revolt. Germany has already seen a revolution in 1848/49 as most other nations have, too.


It is very simple: If you can`t afford food anymore, if your livelihood is in danger through unemployment and economic depression. If violence and fear is threatening health and freedom of family, friends and yourself – then that is enough reason for a human being to revolt. Especially if the government doesn`t do enough to protect their citizens or worse if it is the cause for the upheaval.

Undoubtedly the economic and financial crisis are there and they are showing already their teeth of destruction.
Reprisal can be felt everywhere. Government has proceeded in limiting  rights and curtailing freedom introducing and pushing further surveilling and increasing control. There are police states rising everywhere in the western world: Germany, the EU and the US i.e. with data exchange programs which do violate human rights and privacy in an unprecedented way.


Are these grievances already reason enough for a Civil War in

Then wait for the next bomb!

The German Bundesrepublik (BRD) is not a sovereign state but a NGO (Non Governmental Organization)!

Just recently the high ranking head of the Socialist Democratic Party (SPD) in Germany, Sigmar Gabriel commented in public:

”Mrs. Merkel is only a managing director of a non-governmental organization called BRD…” 


What does that mean?

The German BRD-NGO under Mrs. Merkel does not have a people, does not have a state territory and does not have a constitution!

The BRD-NGO pretends to act for Germany, on behalf of the German people. It is acting like a sovereign state within German territory and towards the outside executing power in economic and financial politics and more so it is acting illegally because the BRD is operating illegally and does not have a mandate of the German Sovereign, the German People.

The German BRD is spending heavily German People`s wealth and money, is conducting wars, is bringing the German People into debt, is taxing the individuals and companies on former after war allied German territories „German Democratic Republic (GDR/DDR) and West-Germany (BRD)“ although completely illegal!

And now here is the Smoking Gun:

The BRD – Management and NGO-entity are doing this in full knowledge, knowing it is illegal and thus betraying the German Sovereign, the German People by design!

But now, more and more details are being revealed daily and the truth is getting out …!

A German judicial association now has taken action and challenges the BRD-NGO, informs the people in Germany and abroad about their findings. Members of the association have conducted individually intensive research for ages in order to dig into the legal issues and summarize the findings for the Germans before and after WW I and II. They have uncovered a huge story of lies and deception by government officials which now hit the fan.

Key Findings:


  • The German Empire (Das Deutsche Reich) never was eradicated and still exists (not to be confused with the Third Reich 1933-1945!)
  • Every citizen of German decent still is a subject of the German Empire according to RuSTAG (Imperial- und Citizenship Law/ Reichs- und Staatsangehörigengesetz) dated 1913
  • The German Constitution dated 1871 is still valid and only needs reformation by the German People accordingly


Here you will find more information (attachments in German only!)

Info I : Need to knows for Germans


The BRD-NGO German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) was only recently informed about these findings  via petition demanding clarification. Up to now there has not been any sufficient, qualified and profound answer given by the officials.

Petition German Parliament: Nullity of German state constitutions  through non-compliance of human rights by BRD – courts (by exeption), Dec 07, 2009 (pdf) http://wakenews.net/2009-12-07_Petition_4-17-07-3127-001046_Strafvollzug.pdf


Info II : Need to knows for public servants of the BRD-NGO (pdf)

Conclusion and summary of facts discovered:


  • All Germans in the BRD-NGO are exterritorial subjects of the German Empire.
  • The BRD is/was a Non Governmental Organisation acting as governmental administration set up by the Allied Forces after WW II for the territory of West-Germany. In order to secure law and order allied forces installed a Basic Law (Grundgesetz) valid for that particular geographic area.
  • By suppressing article 23 of this Basic Law (Grundgesetz) in Jul 17, 1990 by the American secretary of state, Baker the Allied Forces eliminated any territorial legality of this Basic Law and it thus ceased to exist by terminating the legal existance of the West-German BRD at the same time. This termination resulted subsequently in a standstill of administration of justice. Since then there does not exit any orderly jurisdiction producing any more verdicts by courts not being signed by any judge – as an example.

The sources of these findings can be found in the above listed attachments, in German only.

This is a Smoking Gun!

All actions, activities, contracts etc. which have been executed and signed by the BRD and their officials are consequently false, null and void! This is a smoking gun for the German People and of course, for all parties involved within and outside Germany …!

In order to deal with these issues of revealed findings by the ZDS association and their consequences for the German People in a peaceful manner all BRD-NGO officials, „government“, public servants, bodies, administrations, institutions etc. have to resign immediately and hand-over all functions, property to representatives of the German Empire, appointed by the Sovereign, the German People as legally stated and allowed for by the Allied Forces after WW II!

If though the current BRD-NGO – administration and their representatives refuse to resign and do not voluntarily hand-over their functions to representatives of the legal body of the German Empire as explained above – this could lead to a severe blow and conflict resulting in a potential revolution in Germany!

(Translated from German by Wake News © as best as possible)

Interview with Dr. Werner Ratnikow in bewusst.tv: (Video)



Please, study and research all information carefully and critically!

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